All the typologies of services offered by AcZon up until now, are still available. AcZon produces antibodies starting from hybridomas or sera, purifies them, then conjugate them with fluorescent (or not) molecules finishing with the validation of the final products in several applications (e.g. flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy). The whole AcZon know-how is at customer’s disposal allowing not only the execution of the above-mentioned services: AcZon considers fundamental the discussion with all the customers invited to present their needs even if not clearly clarified in the services list. The versatility of the Company will be offered to the customer to satisfy his desires.

Below we reported, by way of example, the main offered services:
- Hybridomas and cell lines expansion
- Biomolecules purification (starting from semi-finished products)
- Biomolecules characterization
- Biomolecules conjugation (with fluorescent or not molecules)
- Methods optimization
- Protocols development
- Protocols validation
- Endotoxins removal
- Products freeze-drying
- Solutions preparation