AcZon NanoChromes line includes a huge selection of fluorescent nanoparticles in which a single fluorophore is included. NanoChrome excitation and emission wavelengths are typical of the molecule hosted in the silica matrix. Many advantages are brought to immunofluorescence assays by this new class of products (respect of the equivalent molecular fluorophores).


First of all, the number of fluorescent molecules bounded per signalling molecule is higher if compared with traditional one in which an anchoring point on the signalling molecule correspond to a single fluorescent molecule.


The presence of many fluorescent specie per signalling molecule gives back a stronger signal. In addition, the presence of the silica matrix, exerts a double protective effect:

It protects the fluorescent molecules (well known as highly sensitive) from the action of the interfering agents present in the environment giving a more stable signal

 The isolation of the fluorescent molecules in the core of the nanoparticle, avoid their non-specific bindings to blood cells giving a clearer signal thanks to the background noise reduction.


The list of the NanoChromes available for sale or for custom conjugation is available following this link.