For those not yet ready to the innovation brought by nanoparticles-based products, AcZon is still offering the traditional product line thanks to the experience and know how acquired during these years of activity.


In particular AcZon owns a hybridomas bank for the production of monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies, together with polyclonal ones, are purified and conjugated with molecular fluorophores, nanoparticles or protein tags.


These products are provided as ready-to-use for flow cytometry (100 tests).


The strong QC of all the productive steps, performed by AcZon experts, ensures a final product with a high quality standard able to confer elevated reproducibility to the tests carried out. Our product list includes mouse anti human antibodies against, just to name a few: CD3, CD4, CD5, CD7, CD8, CD10, CD16, CD19, CD20, CD22, CD25, CD38, CD45, CD73, CD157, HLA-DR, PanCytokeratin, Isotype controls and many others.


These antibodies can be provided in purified form or conjugated with FITC, RPE, PerCP, APC, biotin, TDA7 (APC-Cy7), TDR7 (RPE-Cy7), TDP55 (PerCP-Cy5.5), TDR5 (RPE-Cy5) and many others.


Contact us to receive the full product list and a personalized offer.