AcZon is an Italian Company specializing in biotechnology that develops, produces and commercializes Silica Nanoparticles (Nanoprobes) -for diagnostic, clinical and research  fields- as well as a range of conventional reagents optimized for various applications as, for example, fluorescent antibodies. People’s Health is the main focus and ultimate goal of our business; our “mission” is basically “To promote and providing Reagents for Diagnostics and Research, with very high brilliance and clarity of image, stability and sensitivity, by offering products and services that speed-up the diagnostic response time, provide a better service to the patient”.

AcZon focuses with growing interest on the amazing potentials offered by combining chemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Indeed, on this basis, AcZon has developed and optimized a line of new products (reagents for in vitro diagnostics and research) characterized by outstanding performances.
Thanks to its team of researchers (chemists and biologists), all with considerable experience in the synthesis and functionalization of polymers and in the fields of immunology, proteins and bio-conjugations, AcZon has developed, and is now producing, a line of NanoProbes (proprietary technology), based on Silica NanoParticles (NPs), which are not exclusively suitable for diagnostic and clinical applications, but also for chemistry, pharmacy, agriculture and the environment.

Research is for AcZon a fundamental and key element of its business, aimed at pinpointing and developing new probes for the IVD market, for in vivo imaging and therapy applications.
Our researchers constant vocation to study, develop and optimize our products makes AcZon a reference point for all customers who are looking for major innovations and cutting-edge tools to enhance the performance of their assays.

The Production Process
AcZon production process exploits leading-edge machines and equipment.
Assiduous interaction between automation and human supervision, associated with perfectly organized production processes and a highly specialized quality control department, allows AcZon to guarantee the highest of quality and efficiency standards, as well as a quick and effective response to customer needs.
Furthermore, our intrinsic and positive inclination towards problem solving guarantees a top quality and proficient customer service.

Sales & Marketing
The products, commercialized under AcZon brand or through OEM licenses, are placed on the marketplace thanks to the enthusiastic, motivated, dynamic and ambitious technical sales team, ensuring a top quality customer service.

Company Profile