Silica offers many advantages, in particular in the biotechnological field, because it is transparent to ultraviolet and visible light, biocompatible, non-toxic (especially when compared with other nanomaterials currently available on the marketplace, such as nanocrystals) and it is extremely versatile. For this reason, it has been chosen to synthesize AcZon NanoParticles.

Silica NanoParticles (SiNPs) are spherical and their diameter varies between 10 and 100 nm; they are made up of two structural compartments: the core and the shell. Thanks to the special synthetic procedure, the chemical-physical characteristics of the SiNPs can be varied according to the functions and the molecules with which they are modified, both internally and externally. AcZon SiNPs are water soluble nanoparticles and, in reason of that, they may be used with biological fluids.

The chemical versatility of silica, the presence of two structural compartments (core and shell) and the highly adjustable synthesis procedure make AcZon NanoParticles an excellent starting point to develop innovative products in various fields of biotechnologies, diagnostics and clinical research.

In particular, AcZon has developed a range of Standard Products in which the SiNPs are used as fluorescent probes, NanoChromes™ & NanoTandem™, or as colorimetric probes, NanoBright™.

Specifically speaking, the NanoChromes™ & NanoTandem™ are developed for fluorescence applications, in which the silica NanoParticles doped with fluorescent molecules are able to overcome the disadvantages of conventional molecular fluorophores (photodegradation, especially under prolonged irradiation; pH dependent emission intensity or annulled by external agents). The composing matrix of the particle does indeed protect the molecules within it against the effect of interfering species, preventing any contact with the external environment, thus obtaining a stronger and more stable signal.

In addition to standard products, thanks to the structural features of the SiNPs and to the outstanding competence and proficiency of our personnel, AcZon can also develop Custom Made Products in which the innovative technology of the Silica NanoParticles is put at the disposal of our customers so that they can develop products for the various applications of In Vitro Diagnosis, In Vivo Imaging in the Pharmaceutical field and as Drug Delivery reagents.

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