CTCtrap – the acronym of Circulating Tumour Cells TheRapeutic APheresis – should be available in the year 2016. This technique will enable patients to receive transfusions of their own treated blood (apheresis) deprived of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC). All the patient’s blood is made to pass through a special filter, which traps any cancer cells in circulation, before returning into the patient. This technique will be used to better understand the tumor features and, in reason of that, to provide a treatment built on each individual patient, thus improving the effectiveness of the treatment and reducing costs and side effects.


AcZon has joined the important European Consortium (11 members, including companies, universities and research centres), set up for the personalized treatment of cancer patients.

Within this ambitious European project, the Consortium aims to develop a highly advanced technology (CTCtrap), regarding which AcZon will have the key role based on the provision of its most innovative Silica NanoParticles-based products.
The European Union has provided funds for 6 million euros for this project, which is supervised by Prof. Leon Terstappen of the University of Twente (NL).


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Individual therapy for all cancer patients

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