Specialty school thesis in Clinical Biochemistry title:
“Effects of pharmacologically active drugs doped silica nanoparticles on breast cancer human cells”

University of Bari “Aldo Moro”
– Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Clinical Biochemistry Specialty School – Analytical and Technical Specialization

Candidate: Dr. Giancarlo Sciortino
Supervisor: Prof. Ferdinando Capuano
Assistant supervisors: Dr. Alfredo Ventola, Dr. Amalia Azzariti

The aim of this work was to evaluate in vitro the effects of silica nanoparticles on breast cancer human cells, analyzing:

  • Citotoxicity assays on human tumor cell lines of AcZon nanoparticles, either empty, either doped with the active drug inside the core;
  • Rate and extent of intracellular drug accumulation;
  • Effects of exposure to doxorubicin and doxorubicin doped nanoparticles on cells life cycle;
  • SAXS spectra of cells and nanoparticles.

From the results, it is clear that the cytotoxic action of the antineoplastic drug doxorubicin when doped in nanoparticles is improved, because of:

  • Higher concentration of the drug inside tumor cells;
  • Reduced ability of tumor cells to eliminate the drug doped in nanoparticles.


Poster Molecular Imaging Conference