We are always interested in the development of a widespread network of collaborations. AcZon, in fact, is supported by a selected team of agents with outstanding technical and commercial skills in Italy and operates internationally with the support of qualified distributors in foreign countries.

2b scientific https://www.2bscientific.com/

AFS Bio https://afsbio.com/

Al Wafi Group http://www.al-wafigroup.com/

Arian Cellul Sepehr http://arian-cell.com/

Biyosistem Medical Ticaret https://www.biyosistem.com.tr/

Cedarlane https://www.cedarlanelabs.com/

Interchim http://www.interchim.com/

Hölzel Diagnostika Handels GmbH  https://www.hoelzel-biotech.com/

US Bio https://www.usbio.net/

Voden https://www.vodenmedical.com/