AcZon know-how acquired during the R&D period which lead to the new nanoparticles-based technology, is made available to customers thanks to the personalized nanoparticles synthesis service.


Thanks to AcZon experience, is possible to customize both the structural nanoparticles compartments (core/shell), tune the nanoparticles size and optimize the product according to the intended use.


AcZon can bind, on the external nanoparticles surface different reactive moieties, in a ratio defined by the customer, based on the chemical specie selected for nanoparticles coating. At the same way, different hydrophobic molecules typologies can be covalently bounded inside the nanoparticles conferring them the optimal features for the hypothesized use.


AcZon custom nanoparticles synthesis is intended as a co-development project among AcZon experts and the customer thanks to a direct relationship.


The customer will be in contact with the scientist appointed for the project and will be constantly updated about the progression of the required activity.