Our experience in purifying, conjugating and optimising biochemical products, besides synthesizing various types of NPs, enables us to provide high quality and efficiency custom-made products and services for a broad range of applications.

AcZon custom-made NanoParticles, according to the Customer requirements, are obtained including fluorescent or non-fluorescent molecules (such as, for example, contrast media, tracers, drugs or cytotoxic molecules), and may be functionalized with different chemical groups and/or conjugated with proteins (e.g., antibodies or enzymes), peptides, nucleotide sequences and much more besides.

In AcZon we have identified four key macro areas for custom made projects: in vitro diagnostics, in vivo diagnosis, pharmaceutical applications and environmental applications; however, we do not rule out the possibility of designing and developing NP-based products for other fields of application.

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Poster Molecular Imaging Conference
December 2012 - Trieste


Poster Presented at the XXXIII National Conference of Cytometry – September 2015 – Lucca