The spherical conformation of the SiNPs is exploited to produce NanoBright™, a complete system of secondary antibodies and HRP on the shell, for highly sensitive detection of primary antibodies on tissues, transfer membranes or gel.

Main characteristics
The characteristic spherical structure typical of NanoParticles not only ensures a high quantity of enzyme per surface unit, but also confers high diffusibility to NanoBright™, and consequently a more uniform and quicker staining of the preparations, thus obtaining much clearer and brighter images.

Fundamental advantages
By increasing the number of enzyme molecules conjugated with the silica NanoParticles, NanoBright™ boosts signal amplification and improves detection sensitivity. These probes provide high efficiency for recognizing the primary antibody (rabbit and mouse), as well as an exceptional signal/background noise ratio. To conclude, the excellent stability and monodispersion properties of the system guarantee absolute test repeatability.
The main application of these probes is in detection solutions for immunohistochemistry (IHC), Western blotting and, more in general, gel electrophoresis. The reagent can be used in both automatic and manual systems.

Poster Molecular Imaging Conference
December 2012 - Trieste


Poster Presented at the XXXIII National Conference of Cytometry – September 2015 – Lucca