AcZon is conscious of the importance of growing network, on national and international basis, for the spreading, sharing and discussion of the scientific knowledge.
AcZon collaborates with the University of Urbino (in the person of prof. Stefano Papa, luminary of European flow cytometry) and with the University of Bologna (in the person of prof. Stefano Fanti, director of the nuclear medicine unit of the Sant’Orsola Malpighi hospital).
Beyond the collaborations with university centres, during last years AcZon participated to a European FP7 project (CTCTrap - Grant agreement ID: 305341) with the aim to produce a tool able to characterize circulating tumour cells substituting traditional biopsy. This project involved public and private members all over Europe. On the national point of view, we participated to Step by Step project (POR-FESR 2016) with the purpose to develop materials functionalized to release drugs able to stimulate the remyelination and to control the inflammation in presence of acute neurologic lesions. Currently AcZon is part of the H2020 project Safe by Design for Nano (Grant agreement ID: 862195) with the aim to create a tool for the safe by design of nanomaterials and of the project Mat2Rep to pursue the tool developed in Step by Step both driven by Prof. Laura Calzà from the University of Bologna and Fondazione IRET.