The integration of NanoParticles with biomolecules in the biosensing sector has implemented different subsets of environmental applications: colorimetric, fluorescence, chemical and electrochemical sensing.


The detection and monitoring of micro-organisms may be further speeded up using NanoParticles in a system of fluorescence sensing. The figure shows how the antibody directed against O157 strain of E. coli antigens has been conjugated with fluorescent silica NanoParticles and used in an immunological assay, to obtain a rapid detection in each cell. With the improvement of the fluorescence signaling system, the intensity of fluorescence emitted by a cell of E. coli O157 is sufficient to be detected using a spectrofluorometer or to be accurately quantified using a flow cytometer (Tan W. et al, “Bionanotechnology Based on Silica NanoParticles”, Med. Res. Rev. 2004; Liu W., “Nanoparticles and their biological and environment applications”, J. Biosci. Bioeng. 2006).


AcZon team has an extraordinary experience in organic and inorganic synthesis of molecules and NanoParticles doped and/or functionalized with different chemical groups and crosslinkers, so we are able to synthesize various types of NPs: especially silica NanoParticles (proprietary technology), but alternatively we may offer and suggest others (such as gold NanoParticles), to meet our Customer needs.


AcZon can incorporate any molecules supplied by the Customer, and conjugate or functionalize NPs based on specific request.

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